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Vow Renewal Celebration

You and your love are already legally wed according to Australian law and you want to reaffirm your vows to one another. Perhaps you had a destination wedding and some VIF's (very important fans) were unable to attend, maybe you are celebrating a milestone anniversary or perhaps you want a 'do over' of your big day 

You want todays fan base to cry, laugh till they're crying and really feel connected to the awesome team you've become

 You will be writing personalised vows and may wish to include a symbolic ritual or reading into your ceremony

The script I write for your ceremony will be completely personalised based on the information you share and questions I will ask you both.  Your ceremony can go for as long as you'd like (remembering the attention span of your guest will likely max out at around 30mins).


This package includes:


Our first chat – this is where we will arrange a time and place to meet for a coffee (or a cheeky wine) and start working on the feel of your ceremony

We can talk any time over email and phone if you have any questions between now and the big day

You will be provided with a handbook containing various ritual and reading suggestions to help you personalise your ceremony

Should you like to hold a rehearsal prior to the big day I will be available for this 

My arrival time at the ceremony location will be no later than 45 mins prior to the ceremony commencing

Beautifully presented Vow and Reading cards to retain as keepsakes from your special day

The Vow Renewal Celebration will cost you $700 in total. A professional PA system can be provided for use on the day for an additional $50

Please note –All travel undertaken between 40km - 60km by car from Melbourne CBD will incur an additional travel cost of $100 - if travel is further than 60km by car or if flights/accommodation are required these additional costs will be negotiated at the time of booking. 

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